<Update> Incompatibility for Windows 10 (Updated)

Microsoft 2018-01 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607/1703/1709 released on January, 2018 installed on a GO-Global Host will cause incompatibility as shown in the support log – The version of NTOSKRNL.exe on this installation of Windows is incompatible.

A compatibility update has been released and should be automatically installed on Windows 10 hosts the next time the hosts check for updates as long as “Mandatory updates” is checked on the Updates tab of the Cluster Manager’s Host Options dialog.

By default, the Host will check every 6hrs. Once the auto-update gets applied, the Host will need to be manually rebooted in order to complete the update.

In order to tell if the Host has received this mandatory update, you just need to go to the Host and open the Cluster Manager. If the update has been applied, you will see a message.