<ISSUE> Incompatibility issue – KB2859537

Microsoft update KB2859537 released on August 13, 2013 is incompatible with the following versions of GO-Global:

  • (4.0.1 Patch 5)
  • (4.5.0 Patch 1)
  • 4.6.0

An error appears as “The handle is invalid” or other error message when trying to launch any 32 bit apps from x64 host.

A compatible fix is now available for the following release:

  • 4.6.0

You may download the Compatibility Update here. You will be prompted for a reboot after running the update. However we are still working on the compatibility update for 4.0.1 Patch 5.

* This update is not required with the latest 4.7 release available from http://www.go-global.com.my/index.php/customer-support/software-download/.