<NEW RELEASE> GO-Global 4.6 for Windows

The new GO-Global 4.6 for Windows incorporates a wide range of new features and functionality, including:

  • Support for the latest generation desktop browsers. Support has been added for Google Chrome on Microsoft Windows platforms, as well Firefox 17 and Internet Explorer 10.
  • Mobile Client support for GO-Global Gateway. Access your secure, private cloud environment from an iPad or iPhone. Available now in the App Store.
  • Mobile Printing. Print natively from your iPad or iPhone.
  • Ubuntu Linux Client Support. Access your Windows applications from an Ubuntu 12.0.4 LTS operating system.
  • Improved installer. Check for license compatibility and retrieval during installation or upgrade.
  • Updated SDK documentation. New Gateway API features and functional examples of how to build custom solutions on GO-Global.

Please be aware that this upgrade requires a new 4.6 license. Kindly refer to the Release Note for more information.